National Citizens Inquiry 2024 Hearings Survey

We are excited to announce that the National Citizens Inquiry will be hosting its first set of hearings for 2024 in Regina, Saskatchewan on May 30, 31 and June 1.

The focus of this hearing will be a further exploration of the government’s response to Covid-19. There is new information that has been revealed since the conclusion of our hearings in 2023, necessitating further investigation, consideration and recommendations. We look forward to continuing our mission of Listen, Learn and Recommend.

In planning for further hearings in late summer and early fall, we would like to hear from you on what topics or issues Canadians want investigated. In an era where the mainstream media is not sharing the truth on important topics, the National Citizens Inquiry has become an essential tool for Canadians to learn and to share their voices.

Very simply, we want to hear from you about the issues you think the NCI should be holding inquiries on and, who the NCI should invite to take the stand, swear an oath to all of Canada, and offer their testimony and let their voice be heard.