Learn about the NCI's Purpose & Structure

The NCI has been created to support the following objectives:

1. TO LISTEN to the stories of Canadians impacted by the health protection measures adopted, and to the testimonies of experts, including those whose narratives differ from the governmental narrative.

  • 3-out-of-4 Canadians report having been harmed by Canada’s COVID-19 policies.
  • In particular, Canadians expressed harms concerning isolation, increased divorce or family tension, disruptions to the lives of children and students, job and income losses, business failures, increased mental and physical health stress, reduced healthcare quality, and limitations on rights and freedoms.

2. TO LEARN what went right and what went wrong during the past three years, and what are the lessons to be learned from Canada’s COVID-19 experience?

3. TO RECOMMEND ways and means of ensuring that any future national crises are better managed, harms mitigated, and trust in public institutions upheld.

The National Citizens Inquiry (“Inquiry”) is a citizen-led and citizen-funded initiative that is completely independent from government and operates without legal compulsion or coercion.

The National Citizens Inquiry has two branches:  the Administrative Branch, and the Commissioners.

The Administrative Branch of the National Citizens Inquiry is managed by the Board of Directors of the federal not-for-profit corporation called “National Citizens Inquiry” (the “NCI Board”).   All of the Directors are volunteers.

The Administrative Branch is responsible for managing all aspects of the National Citizens Inquiry except:

  • The Commissioners are independent of the Administrative Branch;
  • The Commissioners are responsible for the conduct of any Inquiries;
  • The Commissioners are responsible for the content of Commissioner reports.

The Commissioners have the role, independent of the Administrative Branch of running the Inquiry hearings, approaching all evidence with an open mind, and independently finding facts and making recommendations.


The NCI’s Commission would consist of up to five (5) Commissioners. These Commissioners will determine how they select their Chair to lead the Commission.

  • Commissioners are solely responsible for hearing testimony and issuing their report and recommendations, if any.
  • The Commissioners are identified by Canadians, reviewed and appointed by the Support Group on the basis of their credibility, demonstrated objectivity, and competence in one or more relevant areas (e.g., law, medicine, ethics, public policy, journalism, etc.). It is essential that potential Commissioners be individuals that have not publicly expressed strong views, in any way, regarding governments’ COVID-19 policy.
  • Commissioners are supported by a Secretariat staff comprising lawyers and other professionals.
  • Upon the conclusion of the hearings, the Commissioners shall issue a public report, including recommendations, if any.

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