This change became the foundation upon which a series of federal and provincial public health policies were implemented, that have since been proven to have caused unprecedented harm to vast numbers of Canadian citizens and families.

You can use any of the resources below to encourage your elected representatives, community members, friends and family to listen to the testimony for themselves, learn the truth and facts regarding Canada’s COVID-19 response, and recommend how we as Canadians can make the changes to our society to ensure that our elected members of government, crown corporations, health authorities and other responsible leaders within our society never repeat the mistakes made by their predecessors.

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Time to truly take part in the National Citizens Inquiry.
Canada has spoken and we now have the sworn testimonies of what went right and what went wrong.
Here at the NCI we are always asked “What is next?” “Where do we go from here?”

Here are some things that you can do:

Watch the video, download and sign the letters
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