How You can Take Action

The purpose of the National Citizens Inquiry is to Listen, Learn, and Recommend.

The actions needed uphold Canada as a country of truth and freedom however, will always remain with her people. Many of your fellow Canadians, who themselves decided it was time to take personal responsibility, volunteered to put their time and skills into assembling the resources below. Like you, these Canadians understood the unprecedented and important potential of the NCI as a citizen led formal inquiry, and are working even now to share the truth about Canada’s response to COVID-19, and put the recommendations of the NCI Commissioners into the hands of those who need to have them.

The NCI is made of volunteers who decided themselves that they needed to get involved personally in evolving the future of Canada for all her people. Often the smallest action taken can have the greatest effect. Will you play a part in creating Canada’s future?

This Is Canada

The challenge: Pick any day of NCI hearings. Watch any three NCI witness testimonies. Watch a full day of testimony. You won't be the same after.

Neither Safe, Nor Effective

The truth about the Health Canada approval process of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, and how it was never tested for either safety or efficacy.

Printable Resources

Free for you to download, print, and share with your elected representatives, friends, family, and community members.

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More Ways to Take Action

Even more ways to take personal responsibility and take action for all of Canada


  • About the nature of COVID-19
  • About how different this response was by government and health officials
  • About the approval process of the COVID-19 drug versus other drugs
  • About the actual statistics versus the statistics reported in the media
  • About the treatment of Canadians who spoke out
  • Whether or not your representatives acted in your best interests

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