Regina, SK Hearings: A Success!

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the expert and lay witnesses, volunteers, and supporters for the contribution of your time, energy and donations. The NCI is a citizen-led inquiry, produced by citizens, for citizens. We continue to listen to sworn witness testimony, learn from the evidence being presented, and recommend solutions to help Canadians take action and create a better way forward.

Our volunteers are now in the process of preparing the video testimonies, exhibits, transcripts and evidence for publication on the NCI website. Check this page regularly for updates, and if you have not done so, signup for our newsletter to stay updated on NCI events as they happen.

The video footage from the Regina Hearings is being published to our Rumble Channels as it becomes available. Follow us on Rumble to be notified as the videos come out!

We strongly encourage all Canadians to watch the witness testimony, Listen, Learn, and Recommend. How you choose to take action from here is always up to you.

Will you share the NCI resources with family and friends? Will you become directly involved with your elected representatives to help them understand the effects of their actions during the COVID crisis? Will you work with them to implement the recommendations from the Commissioner’s Report? Each of us can do something. The World Is Watching.

The World is Watching.