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The National Citizens Inquiry Announces New Structure, New Independent Hearings, NCI-CRDC and New Social Media Platforms

Regina: Following the successful release of the Commissioners Report on November 28, 2023, the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) announces that it is moving forward with multiple new initiatives for 2024.


A New Not-For-Profit Corporation

In recognition of the desire to continue and expand the mandate of the NCI, we announce the incorporation of a new not-for-profit corporation under the name National Citizens Inquiry.

The not-for-profit corporation known as Citizens Inquiry Canada created by the NCI for the purpose of receiving and disbursing funds for the original inquiry has been discharged of its duties. The NCI thanks the directors and members of Citizens Inquiry Canada for their service.


Announcement of the 2024 Hearings for the National Citizens Inquiry

The NCI experienced an unprecedented level of public support. Many thousands of Canadians volunteered and donated to make the only national citizens inquiry in history happen. In recognition of this the National Citizens Inquiry has determined that there are more stories to be told and more testimony to be given by Canadians, for Canadians.

Therefore the National Citizens Inquiry is excited to announce new hearings targeted for the spring and summer of this year. The NCI will be releasing an online public survey over the next weeks to determine what focus these new hearings should have.

The NCI is requesting that all Canadians ensure that they are registered for the NCI Newsletter by signing up at the following link:


NCI – Commissioners Report Distribution Committee (CRDC) Formed

The Independent Commissioners Report released on November 28, 2023 continues to gain traction in its distribution across Canada. To support this ongoing effort, the NCI has formed the Commissioners Report Distribution Committee (CRDC) to provide the tools and support for Canadian citizens from across the country to distribute the report to all levels of Government. Dissemination of the Commissioners Report and implementation of the Commissioners Recommendations are the primary focus of this new committee.


The National Citizens Inquiry Launches All New Social Media Channels

The National Citizens Inquiry is proud to announce a new unified platform of social media channels that now closely match the designation ‘NCI Canada’. By bringing all of the NCI social media channels into alignment under this more consistent identifier, a revitalized effort is being made to meet Canadians wherever they inhabit the global internet, and provide Canadians the facility for easier sharing of the NCI information to a population, and help Canadians connect with the NCI with the greatest ease and effect.

The former NCI social media channels will no longer be supported. Moving forward, the official NCI social media channels will always be found by visiting the NCI website at


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