Dr. Stephen Malthouse – May 17, 2023 – Ottawa, Ontario

Dr. Stephen Malthouse has been a brave leader expressing his views on the dangers of the vaccines. He encourages all of us and especially his medical colleagues to speak up, “I just want to speak to my colleagues, other doctors that know what’s going on and haven’t really stood up for their patients. I just want to say that when your opportunity comes, I hope that you take it and not choose to sit down, and rather that you choose to stand up.”

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Wayne Lenhardt

Our next witness is Dr. Stephen Malthouse and I see him on the screen. So hello, Dr. Malthouse. There, you’re on our screen as well. If you could give us your full name and spell it for us and then I’ll do an oath with you.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

Stephen Malthouse, S-T-E-P-H-E-N M-A-L-T-H-O-U-S-E.

Wayne Lenhardt

And do you promise that the testimony you will give today will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

I do.

Wayne Lenhardt

Okay. You’ve been active in all sorts of ways. I think you’ve been a practitioner on Vancouver Island. Before we get into that, we’ve just heard Catherine Austin-Fitts give us a talk. I understand that you have just come back from Europe, where you’ve attended many functions over there. So I think it would be very appropriate if you could give us at least a small snapshot of what you’re seeing over in Europe. And I’ll leave it to you to either do it after your main testimony or do it now, but I think we’d find that very interesting.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

Well, this was the third International COVID Summit, which was held in Brussels, in Belgium, and it was a three-day conference. Doctors, experts of every field, were invited from around the world to attend. And it was really focused around a presentation in the European Union, which occurred on Day 2, in which 30 physicians and experts of other fields all spoke to the European Parliament, to the members there, but it was livestreamed out to the world. And in fact, my understanding is that there were more views of that livestream than had ever happened in the European Parliament in its history.

And what it was designed to do was to really present the whole COVID story from beginning to end. There were no holds barred. By that I mean that the speakers were invited to tell it as it is, and it was coming from personal experience and expertise and knowledge of the science. And it told quite a different story than what we’re hearing as the general narrative about COVID-19 and what happened. So really, it was an attempt to tell the truth and get it out there. The conference was three days long. The first day was, in fact, a closed session among doctors and, again, experts from all over the world.

We had quite a few coming from Canada and the topics ranged from anything from the science of COVID, to vaccinations, to geoengineering. Many topics were discussed and we had some lively discussions among the people that were attending. It was a lot of fun.

And then the third day was dedicated to the media. There was the opportunity for media to ask questions, to have individual interviews with the speakers, the people that were attendees. And we had three panels at that time. And interestingly enough, those three panels, which contained about eight people at the front table, were very engaging in working over different topics, including how to prevent this from happening again.

So it was an excellent opportunity in many ways for doctors and epidemiologists, scientists, experts in many fields of life to come together to meet each other and to work over things. But also, to try to get the word out through the European Parliament, and to let those members in the Parliament themselves know what, I would say, the real scientific community knows about what’s happened the last three years.

Wayne Lenhardt

Perhaps I’ll just stop for two seconds and just say to the commissioners: do you have any questions for Dr. Malthouse relating to that? If not, we’ll move on to his presentation.

The two groups that I think you’ve been associated with, or perhaps even had a hand at starting were, called Educate Before You Vax [Vaccinate] and also Justice for the Vaxxed. I think on that note you have a presentation with slides, so I’m going to let you launch into it and proceed [Exhibits OT-13, OT-13a].

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

Thank you very much. Well, first I’d like to perhaps introduce myself because many people may not know me. I’m a family physician from the west coast of Canada. I’ve been in the practice of medicine for 45 years in Canada. And I’ve worked in many different situations. I’ve worked in urban and rural situations. I’ve worked in emergency departments. I’ve done some palliative care. I’ve done some overseas research, particularly in the field of pediatrics.


And I do have a special interest in integrative medicine, which is the sort of seamless combination of both conventional and alternative medicine. I was a founding president of the Canadian Integrative Medicine Association; and also during these last few years, I was a founding president of the Canada Health Alliance, which is a group of practitioners across Canada, including also volunteers. We have about 5,000 members. The Canada Health Alliance’s mandate is really to help create a better medical system in Canada.

I’ve worked here on Denman Island, which is a small island off the coast of Canada, for about 13 years and I took a sabbatical in January 2020. I didn’t really realize what was coming our way but I soon found out. And like most doctors, I was planning on being called back to work in some capacity, expecting a tsunami of death and suffering from the COVID-19 illness, which was coming out of China. But it didn’t take long before we realized that that was not going to be the case exactly.

Before that, even in the early days—in February, actually in March and April—it became clear that our public health was not doing all that they could, particularly with regard to vitamin D, that we should have supplements to vitamin D for all our long-term care facilities. And in fact, Canadians should be taking vitamin D to prevent respiratory illness, which is what we thought COVID was.

So I sent letters up to different places trying to get some attention to the fact that we could give people vitamin D, and we could reduce the risks of infection. Also looking at what was coming out of China, we had vitamin C being used intravenously. So I called around to our local hospital and a few other people to see if, in fact, we had stocks of vitamin C for intravenous use in the hospitals, which we didn’t.

I made some inquiries about vitamin D. In fact, I sent a letter to our public health and long-term care with evidence of the research on vitamin D and respiratory illnesses and how vitamin D supplements, at least to attain a healthy level of vitamin D in the blood, could be beneficial. That was ignored. In fact, the message was passed up the line and, essentially, they laughed at it, saying that people in the Comox Valley—not just doctors—think that vitamins can cure everything. So that’s where that ended.

I also at the time was the president of the Canadian Integrated Medicine Association or CIMA. And if I could share my screen, I’ll show you a few things which I think you’ll find interesting [Exhibit OT-13]. I hope you can see this. Here we go.

When we saw this coming, actually in May, the Canadian Integrated Medicine Association created a statement policy on this. And I put it up here because it showed that vitamin D, which we subsequently learned was very helpful for treating COVID, at least preventing it from becoming serious: We knew this way in advance, and we put this out as not just a policy, but we put out a media press release.

There was no pickup of this in the media whatsoever, which was not entirely surprising because it was still considered alternative medicine. But the evidence in [using] this for deficiencies and people’s nutrition was documented with studies and so forth. And I think if we had done this in the early days, we would have prevented a lot of the problems that came along.

The evidence became more and more clear that all these public health policies that were being pushed on us were not really valid; they were not based on any science. And that would include masking, social distancing, isolation, asymptomatic spread of a disease: all these things plus the subsequent effects of the policies that were being mandated that were causing overdoses and suicides. Increasingly, we were seeing the psychological effects on people—particularly on children, who were supposed to mask themselves so they didn’t kill their grandparents. I mean, we started seeing this, and so I actually wrote some material in our local newspaper called The Grapevine, and telling it how it was, and trying to get some community meetings together so we could discuss these things.

As you may know, across the country, whether you were living— In whatever province you were in or even if you were traveling in a car across the country, the number of people that were allowed to congregate in one location varied from province to province and this does not make any sense.


And so I tried to get the people together on Denman Island, where I live, to talk in an outside situation. And as soon as I put an invitation into our local newspaper for this, I found that I was getting a call from the College, from Dr. Puddester, who was in charge of complaints. And he said, “Yeah, you can do it, but you got to be careful. You don’t say you’re representing the College, that sort of thing.” And he’d already had two complaints just from my insert into the local newspaper.

So we had two meetings. It was quite interesting, and a lot of people had questions. We tried to answer as many of them as we could.

And before I come to this, I’d just like to say that we also had some things by public health put in our local newspaper which were really not based on any science whatsoever. One was that the vaccines, which were coming along, were going to put us back into good health and protect this virus from spreading; and we were going to return to normal; and they were safe and effective. None of that had been shown, of course, in any of the studies, which as I’m sure everybody in the audience knows, were abbreviated and lacked appropriate animal studies.

When I saw this in our local newspaper, I wrote a letter saying that this doesn’t make sense. It’s not based on anything. And in response to that, I had 15 doctors—not all of them even actually worked on our island, but on the two islands, one, ours, Denman Island, and Hornby Island nearby me—write a letter saying essentially that all 15 of them did not agree with me. Essentially, that was all the doctors other than me on the island. And that they themselves were waiting to get their shot when it came around. And that they trusted the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] and Dr. Bonnie Henry, who was our chief public health officer here in British Columbia; that they trusted her and they thought that the vaccine was going to get us all back to normal—and that it was the best way of preventing spread.

Of course, you know, a vaccine that does not prevent transmission cannot get herd immunity at all. So time went on and then we had masking in the summer. And then I wrote this letter in October 2020, to Dr. Bonnie Henry, our chief public health officer. By that time we knew— We knew quite clearly that all the measures that they had been using were fraudulent. In other words, when I say fraudulent, I mean they were not based on any real science. And I wrote this letter to her pointing out that the evidence, that contradicted all her policies.

This was in October 2020. And that’s when the proverbial you-know-what hit the fan. I started getting complaints from the College asking me to defend what I’d said, and that I shouldn’t be speaking about a colleague like this and so on. It was— I thought it was a pleasant letter but it just really asked her to reverse her policies because none of them were based on science. And that’s kind of how it started with me in terms of the way my career went.

We did some further things after that. I think that that letter was important because I got a lot of things back from people saying that it actually validated what they were thinking despite everyone telling them they were crazy. And I think for that point it really did some good in that I got quite a few letters like that. But also, after that, a group of people on the Island—Vancouver Island—decided to send out my letter to Bonnie Henry with a cover letter from me. It was sent out to maybe a third of the doctors in British Columbia, mostly in the lower mainland of British Columbia. And the cover letter said to doctors that, “if you think something’s a bit fishy here, please reach out and contact me.” And some did. There’s how I met quite a few really good doctors, including Dr. Hoffe, Dr. Kindy, and many others in fact—who I’ll talk about later when I talk about the tours that we did.

But I just wanted to read you a letter that I got back from one of my colleagues. This is from a Dr. Michael Vance, who, I believe, lives in the Okanagan in British Columbia. And this is what he said after he received a copy of that letter from me. I think this will give you maybe an impression of the pushback that we have from our own colleagues.

He said, “Attention Mr. Malthouse,” he didn’t call me Doctor: “First of all, please do not refer to me as your colleague ever again. Secondly, I will be lodging a formal complaint to the CPSBC,” which is the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia, “and state that you constitute a danger to the public. I’ve also begun to reach out to the rest of my colleagues to do the same. I know you are close to retiring. Thank heavens for that.


So this may not matter to you but it is my professional duty.”

And then he went on to give me a psychological assessment of why I was doing this. He said:

You have traveled along in this life looking for validation and respect, and my guess is that it never quite came to you. My suspicion is that you’ve always been a bit inadequate, probably stemming from childhood experiences or inadequacies as a young adult. You’re near the end of your career and one might imagine you sitting down to rest, and you suddenly get divine inspiration and hope that you can change the course of your mediocrity. You wanted to change the world—or your world at least—and make a difference for once. You imagine that a letter reflecting YouTube videos, blogs, and alternative media sources to the person who actually has authority and respect, i.e., Dr. Henry, would change her mind, and, if not hers, your letter would influence the public enough that it would change something about our COVID-19 response. But then when nothing happened, you followed up with a letter to your colleagues with the same wishful thinking that finally, this time, you will be able to make an impact in this world, and make a name for yourself.

Alas, it would be so hilarious if this was in a comedy sketch, if it weren’t so sad.

It goes on in that sort of vein. But I think this gives sort of an impression of how this letter to Dr. Henry had an effect on other doctors in our province. I would say that this is evidence that these doctors are not doing their homework. In fact, they’re not doing proper research. They’ve all come to believe that any vaccine is safe and effective no matter what, so they don’t do their homework and they’re just following the guidelines without thinking it through. But it also shows a bit of a knee-jerk reaction that doctors had towards their colleagues who were stepping out and speaking up about what they found to be inaccurate in the science that the public health people were calling upon to make their decisions.

Other things that I did, I got involved in creating these “Canadian Doctors Speak Out” videos. I think this was the first time that any doctors put out a video here in Canada, where there were quite a few of us on these videos. And we really each took a part in talking about how COVID is not something you need to be frightened of. Here’s a way to treat it, prevent it. And then when it came to the injections—particularly when they were going after our children with injections and masks and isolation—we spoke out against that. I think I was the first person in British Columbia, with my letter to Dr. Henry, to actually stand up and say that things were going awry in public health. It was a danger to its own citizens.

And of course, there were lots of things happening. The College called me up, and I had to have an interview with them. I had the Canadian Medical Protective Association, which is kind of like our insurance for most doctors against malpractice. I asked them to help me out, but I did not find that their lawyers were actually aggressive enough. By that I mean they seem to know all the secretaries of the College by first names, and you know what that means. And so I ended up essentially letting them go and hiring Rocco Galati. Many of you may be familiar with him; he’s a lawyer based in Toronto. And we actually had our few minutes with the College.

Normally, they invite a doctor to come to the College to have an interview to explain what they’ve been doing. And it really—it’s been like being led out over the quicksand unless you know what you’re doing. And when we had our 10-minute visit, which was supposed to be longer of course, but we asked that it be recorded. The College said, “We don’t record these meetings.” And the reason again is that the doctors don’t like it, which I found hard to believe. Mr. Galati, who was representing me, said that, well, even the highest courts in the land say that, with today’s technology, there’s no excuse for not recording these meetings. They said, “Well, we’re not going to record it, and you’re not cooperating.” We said, “We’re here, we’re cooperating. We just want it recorded.” And they said, “Well, we have nothing further to say,” and we were done. I think that’s a good example of a lawyer showing his teeth.

Then after that, I had no further meetings with the College. Although things are still in process. I did have to put in a suit against them regarding free speech because, as you know, both colleges—the Ontario college and the British Columbia college—were saying that doctors could not speak against public health at risk of having their licences revoked.

And of course, there were hit pieces as well against me and some of my colleagues in the press. Personally, I feel it was good advertising for what we were trying to get out to the public because there’s no other way of getting things out through the mainstream media.


And in fact, I was de-banked by the RBC, Royal Bank of Canada. The reason was unknown. In fact, they would not tell me the reason, but they gave me two months to take all my accounts out of the Royal Bank of Canada, the RBC.

Excuse me. I have a bit of a cold. That’s why I’m not in Ottawa. I would have preferred to be there to be able to testify in person, but it wasn’t meant to be.

Then there came a time where they were starting to push these vaccinations, these COVID shots, down onto our children, taking it down as far as five-year-olds. And we knew that it was going to go down to the six-month-olds; we could see that in the wind. It was pretty obvious to those of us that were searching to look. But this is what Bonnie Henry said. She said— I’m not able to quite read it on my screen because it’s blocked, give me one second here.

This is verbatim: “Like all COVID-19 vaccines in Canada, vaccines for children are free, safe and effective. When you get your child vaccinated, you protect them from severe illness from COVID-19 and reduce the spread and infection in your community.”

Well, this was completely against what all the science showed. If we look at the children, we call them children between zero and 19. And in fact, only 15 children had died during the entire pandemic—so-called pandemic because, you know, there was no increased all-cause mortality during 2020. It wasn’t until the vaccinations, so-called COVID shots, were rolled out that we started seeing the death toll mount, and the amount of suffering and adverse events from those shots were causing so much harm.

But before that, there actually was no pandemic. And in fact, you could hardly even find any children that didn’t have serious comorbidities or pre-existing medical conditions that had died with a positive PCR test—which we all knew by that time was completely fraudulent. Because the number of cycle thresholds that they had used for this was about between 40 and 45 right across the country. And we know that anything above 25 was not going to give you accurate results. So we had so many false positive tests that it completely made the test useless. But even the founder of the test, the person that created the test, stated before he died in 2019 that this test was not designed to diagnose viral illnesses.

But as you can see from this chart here: the number of children that died across Canada with a positive PCR test was so small that statistically, it was zero. Also, we knew that this was not a safe shot. If we look at this, there were more injuries— This is just 2021 after the COVID jab was rolled out. We started to see this incredible increase in deaths reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System [VAERS] in the United States, which really only collects between probably about 1 per cent—maybe a little bit more, maybe up to 5 per cent—of the injuries that are caused by the vaccinations.

And look at this rise in vaccine injuries. We knew it wasn’t safe. So “safe and effective” really was kind of going out the window. And we’d already known about all these young adults who have been killed by the shots, and so we felt that something needed to be done about this. What I did is I kind of thought we needed to get on the road. And so I spoke to Kari Simpson of Canadian Voters Association, who helped to organize a series of doctors’ tours. We went ahead and did six tours: three tours to talk about the vaccines and children, and three tours to talk about the vaccine injuries which had already occurred and for which people were being gaslit.

This is a map of the places that we went in our tours. We went to about 30 cities, some of them a couple of times. And this is what we spoke about in the first part of the touring. We started in December of 2021 going out there—and it was a little cold in a lot of places. You know, some places were really pleasant. And these are some of my colleagues that joined us on the tour. And this is an example of some of the places we stood outside in minus eight degrees temperature and talked to the public. But the public also came. They were desperate for information.


They would come and stay for two to three hours outside in the freezing cold, standing there listening to us talk. And we’ve got to hand it to them. That’s Canadian spirit for you.

We had a lot of people who were out there supporting us. We actually had a bunch of trucks that gave us a little convoy on a couple of occasions, in fact—into the towns, and so on. So as we were talking to the audiences, we noticed that, over a bit of time, the audiences started changing. Not so much changing as we started noticing the questions were starting to change a little bit—because more and more people had the shots and they were wondering how they could take care of themselves or their family members who had been injured.

And they also seemed to be grieving deaths of many people in the family. We had one young woman who spoke who was crying in front of the audience telling us that she’d had six family members who had died from the shot. It seemed that some communities have been more affected than others.

I should just mention that getting into hot water was pretty easy for doctors. And I just want to put a shout out to those doctors that came on this tour because most of them, they knew what was going to happen to them if they joined us out there speaking to the public. But we knew that the government was not doing the job. They were not doing what they’re supposed to do. And the College was fighting—well, persecuting—doctors who spoke out. Instead of protecting the public, they seemed intent on harming the public by not allowing them to be informed and to make informed decisions about what they were going to do for their health.

Informed consent is really impossible if you don’t know what the contents of the vaccine are. Because not knowing that, you can’t really make a proper judgment whether to get it or not. So everyone was really was being coerced into getting these shots. Or they were being, I would say “brainwashed” is a good term—but at least misinformed to the extent that they thought these shots were good for them, good for their families, and would protect other people.

We started seeing this come up pretty soon after we had started our first tour. So we changed the tour. And in September 2022, we decided to go out and try to give some hope to people and also to tell them that they were not wrong—that actually their injuries were stemming from this COVID shot. Because many people would get the shot then they would go to their family doctor, who would say, “No, it’s not the vaccine, the vaccine is safe and effective.” And then they would be told, “I don’t know what’s wrong with you, go home and let’s see what happens later.”

If they tried to get referrals to a neurologist for example for a neurological injury, sometimes when they heard that it occurred after the vaccine had been given to the patient, they would not be accepted into the specialist’s list. It’s as though nobody wanted to touch this hot potato of vaccine injury. And still, the slogan of “safe and effective” was being bandied about by our public health.

So what we did is we branded a big bus like this, “Justice for the Vaccinated,” and we started going to the different communities. This is our team here, the first team anyway. And then the team changed as we went along. We had this on the back of the bus.

The bus really became like a museum, I would say, or a tribute to people who had had the shot and those that had died. We put posters on it like this, and people were asked to come and sign on behalf of people they knew or family members—or they themselves if they had been injured after the COVID shot. And when we started driving along with this, between communities, we noticed we’d get lots of thumbs up from other drivers; people would start honking their horns to us, even truck drivers would give us a toot.

We became quite known. Whenever we pulled into a parking lot, people would come to the bus to talk to us and about what had happened to them and to tell their stories—because they were finding that there was no place else that they could do that.

This is Dr. Hoffe. I’m sure many of you know him. Dr. Hoffe, who was on most of the tours with me: we’re putting up pictures of people who had been injured severely or died from having had the COVID shots.


And this is Kari Simpson. I think she needs a special shout-out because she was one of the main organizers of this through Canadian Voters Association. And without her, we would not have been able to do these tours.

But you can see we had packed audiences everywhere we went, pretty much. As the word got out, the bus became covered in signatures and stories. And we had a lot to tell people; we had a lot to tell them. We had the opportunity. We spoke for two to three hours usually per night. We spoke every night, and we had lots of discussion afterwards. People would come up— I think Dr. Hoffe, we used to drag him out of the venue in the end because he had so many people who wanted to ask him questions.

And we also had guests come. We had different people, doctors speak. We had doctors in the audience but often they would not want to be recognized, and they might come in and leave early. But we did have some doctors locally who spoke up. And you can recognize Dr. William Makis there on the right. And there’s also a woman there, right next to the sign, who came up and spoke as a vaccine-injured person and told her story.

We had people come on the stage who would tell us what had happened to them after they’d been given the COVID-19 shot, and the injuries they had sustained, and what their experience was when they went to talk to their doctors about it. How many of them were just told to go home and suck it up, or, “it wasn’t the vaccine, and I don’t know what’s wrong with you.” And “It’s all in your head.” It was a common story. As I mentioned, we had lots of people come and attend, and I just wanted to show a little brief video here. Hopefully it will work. I will see.

[Speaker on the video Dr. Malthouse shows asks how many people know someone who was vaccine injured, requests that they give a show of hands.]

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

I’m not sure you could hear the video very well but those were people who knew one or more people that had been injured by the COVID shots, and a lot of people had two hands up. And because of that our audience was getting quite large. Before that question, we also asked how many people knew someone who had been injured or died from COVID itself— and only a few hands were put up in the audience. So it was becoming very obvious that the COVID shot was much worse than the disease itself.

And we travelled all over the place—we went to 30 different locations. We had quite a time on the bus. It was tiring. Here’s a little picture of our support squad, trying to get revived. And no, that’s not an intravenous line running across there. But it was tiring. We went to someplace every night to put on this presentation.

This is the last tour. Just as we were ready to finish up our fifth tour, three for the “Educate Before You Vaccinate” and two of the “Justice for the Vaccinated”— Because, you see, “Justice for the Vaccinated” was the idea that everybody was a victim, whether you were vaccinated or unvaccinated. Our enemy was not each other. We were trying to bring people together and to give them solutions, but the first step is they had to recognize that they were a victim whether they’ve been vaxed or not. And that their enemy was somebody else; that essentially, it was the government and public health that seemed really intent as far as I can tell, on trying to kill and maim people. And still seem to be intent on doing that. That’s my personal opinion.

But then we heard that in Regina, they were going to have the Grey Cup and we thought this was a great opportunity for us to go to Regina and to talk to people about athlete collapse after having the COVID shots. You can see that, after the shots were rolled out in 2021, December 2020 and onward actually, a lot of athletes around the world had dropped dead suddenly on the field. And no one was really paying attention to this. And this was true for little kids as well: children were dying as well on the fields. People were dying in football practice all over the show.

In fact, my licence was suspended in March 2022. And the reason it was suspended by my college


was because I was writing vaccine and mask exemptions for people across Canada and allegedly attempting to bypass public health policies.

Well, you know the public health policies were such that, unless you had two shots from two different manufacturers and had near death experiences from both, you would not be exempt. It was pretty much like that. And if you had an allergy to one of the ingredients—even an anaphylactic reaction, in other words, to something like polyethylene glycol (PEG)— then doctors were informed that we were to send you on an urgent basis to an allergist, and that allergist was supposed to assess you and determine whether you could have the shot or not. And invariably they assessed you that, “Yes, you could,” and they would send you back to the doctor and say, “Yeah, go ahead and give the shot but divide into five parts and give five different little shots of the same substance and stand by with adrenaline just in case.”

So you know, I have no regrets in signing those exemptions. In fact, I think there may be a small hockey league that was created in Ontario because of those. I’m actually quite proud that I probably saved some lives. Particularly when kids were forced to get these shots just to go out and play sports. And you know what it’s like for teenagers, they want to be part of the crowd or even  teens looking to make some athletic endeavor their career. I feel proud that actually I was able to protect them to some extent.

But we decided, “Hey, we’re going to go to the Grey Cup.” And so we got the bus rolling and we headed out from Vancouver. We were joined by the team as we went along. And, as you know, we were actually, it was a bit prophetic: we went out there to tell people about athletes dropping dead, and subsequently we did see Damar Hamlin of the Buffalo Bills, who did die twice on the field and was resuscitated. It’s interesting when they interviewed him as to what his doctors told him the cause of it was. He said, “um, that’s something I want to stay away from.” In other words, he was not willing to discuss the reason that his heart stopped beating.

And I’m just going to show a little video because it tells you a little bit about how we approach this issue.

[Dr. Malthouse plays a skit of Dr. Hoffe and Dr. Malthouse on their Grey Cup tour, restarts after 35 seconds due to poor audio.]

[Video skit] Dr. Charles Hoffe

Hey, Steve.

[Video skit] Dr. Stephen Malthouse

Hi, Charles! How are you doing?

Dr. Charles Hoffe

I’m doing well.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

What are you doing?

Dr. Charles Hoffe

I’m just playing a bit of football.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

Me, too! Me, too.

Dr. Charles Hoffe

No, but your football is looking a little strange.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

What do you mean? It looks okay to me.

Dr. Charles Hoffe

No, no, no, no. This looks a bit swollen, I’d say.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

Well, I never noticed any difference. Let’s compare.

Dr. Charles Hoffe

Yeah, yeah, look.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

Well, what’s— What do you think? Wait a minute! I think my football has got myo-football-itis.

Dr. Charles Hoffe

Did it get a jab?

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

Yeah, it had two COVID-19 jabs and a booster.

Dr. Charles Hoffe

No wonder it’s swollen.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

Yeah. Whoa, I never knew that. And you know, it’s amazing how you can play football and you don’t even know you’ve got a swollen one.

Dr. Charles Hoffe

That’s—that is very dangerous. Well, I think we should tell some people about this.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

I think we should. You know what? We’re doing this little skit because we’re showing how people can get inflamed hearts after the COVID-19 shot and not even know about it. And it’s kind of like the football is an analogy. You know, those COVID-19 shots cause inflammation of the heart or myocarditis, pericarditis. And you know, more than 50 per cent of the people that get it don’t even know they have this disease going on in the body.

Dr. Charles Hoffe

And that’s very dangerous because that inflammation, that swelling of the heart, causes scarring in the heart. And when they get out on the field and the adrenaline and the noradrenaline is going, it puts them into a fatal arrhythmia and they drop dead.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

Yes. And you know what? The ones that die, even when they try to resuscitate them, more than 75 per cent cannot be resuscitated because of the severity of the disease in their hearts. And the thing is they don’t even know it.

Dr. Charles Hoffe

And you didn’t even know that your ball was swollen.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

I had no idea. Well, I’m not going to get another one of those boosters.

Dr. Charles Hoffe

I don’t think you should. I’m glad you’ve woken up.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse


Dr. Charles Hoffe

Yeah, yeah.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

Thanks, Charles. Nice to see you.

Dr. Charles Hoffe

Thanks, Steve.

Dr. Stephen Malthouse


Dr. Charles Hoffe

Yeah, take care!

Wayne Lenhardt

Perhaps that’s a good time to stop and ask the commissioners if they have any questions.


Okay. Sorry, Dr. Malthouse, is there anything you wanted to wrap up with before I interrupted you?

Dr. Stephen Malthouse

Yes, first of all, I want to thank the doctors. In fact, I want to name the doctors that came on the tour. I’m sorry if I’m a little bit over time but I think this is important. I wanted to thank Dr. Charles Hoffe, Dr. Daniel Nagase, Dr. Anna Kindy, Dr. Rachel Maurice, Dr. Sofia Bayfield, Dr. Kevin Sclater, Dr. Biz Bastian, Dr. Eric Payne, and Dr. William Makis, who all presented on our tours; and also, our organizers, Kari Simpson, Shelly Semmler, Dennice Pearce, Elizabeth Chapman, and Cris Vleck.

I just also want to thank the communities and the hosts that organized our events and put us up. It took a lot of effort. I want to thank the pastors, because many of them opened their churches to us. I think in the beginning, when we weren’t allowed to congregate anywhere, we had a lot of public health people trying to shut down the venues, phoning them up and threatening them. And I want to thank those people that gave testimony.

I’d just like it to be known that those doctors that talked on our tour, they knew what they were getting into. In other words, they knew the risks that the colleges would be after them, and they were willing to risk their livelihoods to be able to speak out on behalf of their patients. And what else? I just wanted to say, just briefly, that really there were two pandemics: there was the fake pandemic, which is really the psyop, and then there was a real one, which was caused by the public health issues. Similarly, there are really two wars going on here. One is the war that we see on the surface, in which we’re being attacked in many different fields with the full court press, whether it’s food or whether it’s the shots or whether it’s lockdowns, or finances, religion, education in our schools.

But also, there’s an inner battle, too. And that inner battle is really what we call an integrity test. It’s where people are being asked to stand up. And I just hope that— I just want to speak to my colleagues, other doctors that know what’s going on and haven’t really stood up for their patients. I just want to say that when your opportunity comes, I hope that you take it and not choose to sit down, and rather that you choose to stand up.

Thank you very much for having me.

Wayne Lenhardt

On behalf of the National Citizens Inquiry, I want to thank you for your testimony and for all that you’ve done with your colleagues. Thank you.


Final Review and Approval: Jodi Bruhn, September 6, 2023.

The evidence offered in this transcript is a true and faithful record of witness testimony given during the National Citizens Inquiry (NCI) hearings. The transcript was prepared by members of a team of volunteers using an “intelligent verbatim” transcription method.

For further information on the transcription process, method, and team, see the NCI website:

About these Transcripts


  • Family Physician in British Columbia,
  • Founding President of the Canadian Integrative Medicine Association
  • Founding president of the Canada Health Alliance


Dr. Stephen Malthouse discusses some of the personal repercussions that followed his public questioning of British Columbia Covid-19 policies. He also outlines his involvement organizing speaking tours with a group of doctors critical of COVID policy. The participating doctors did six speaking tours: three tours to talk about the vaccines and children, and three tours to talk about the vaccine injuries which had already occurred and for which people were being gaslit.

Dr. Malthouse concludes by speaking about two battles we are fighting. One is the outer battle we see of lockdowns, mandates, shots, finance, religion and more. The other he says, is the inner battle of integrity to stand up and do the right thing when given the opportunity.

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