NCI to hold special virtual hearing

Nationwide: The National Citizens Inquiry will hold a special virtual hearing on Wednesday, June 28 at 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The NCI Commissioners have requested additional testimony from Professor Denis Rancourt, a former professor of physics at the University of Ottawa and a researcher with the Ontario Civil Liberties Association. During the NCI hearings in Quebec City and Ottawa Dr. Rancourt testified about all-cause mortality, regarding both the actual causes of death and the quantified lethal toxicity of the COVID-19 injections. He submitted an 894-page book of exhibits in support of his expert testimony.

The Commissioners have requested Dr. Rancourt to testify about the cost-benefit ratio of the lockdowns, social distancing measures and other non-pharmaceutical interventions. They have asked that he specifically comment on the meta-analysis contained in the book entitled: “Did Lockdown Works? – The Verdict on Covid Restriction”and on another paper titled, “How did the Covid pandemic response harm society? A global evaluation and state of knowledge review (2020-21)”

The virtual hearing will be stream on the NCI website as well as on the NCI’s other social media accounts including and

NCI is a Canada-wide citizen-led and citizen-funded initiative to investigate governments’ COVID-19 policies in a fair and impartial manner that is completely independent from government. Through questioning led by lawyers, individual Canadians and experts present evidence to Independent Commissioners.

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