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Media Release – Greater Vancouver Hearings May 2-4, 2023

Canadian government Censorship Bill C-11 unnecessary because legacy media does dirty work for them. For Immediate Release: May 1, 2023

National – “The legacy media has been depriving Canadians of balanced information and truth about
the destructive government response to COVID-19 for three years”, says Ches Crosbie KC,
administrator for the National Citizens Inquiry. Mr. Crosbie, a former leader of the opposition in the
Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly, said “Government funded media like CBC and
others have enforced the government line on everything from the effectiveness of lockdowns to the
safety of the injections, some of which like AstraZeneca they had to pull from the market.” Crosbie
pointed out that according to evidence at the Inquiry, the current mRNA injections are heavily
contaminated and less safe than AstraZeneca, and yet they continue to be promoted. “Crickets from the
media on this life threatening safety issue”, he said. Crosbie added, “Government does not need Bill
C-11 censorship powers when they have an obedient press to do the dirty work for them.”

Crosbie issued a challenge to media that over 15 days of widely advertised public hearings, government
funded media, with one or two exceptions on the part of brave reporters and producers, has failed to
report even one testimony to indisputable facts. An example is testimony from emergency planning
expert such as Lt. Col. David Redman. This expert showed that governments chose to ignore their own
pandemic plans which warned of the enormous health damage which would be caused by lockdowns,
and that lockdowns could not prevent viral spread. Crosbie asserted, “They imposed lockdowns
knowing lockdowns would be ineffective against a virus and knowing the enormous damage they
would cause. The most damaged victims of government recklessness are a generation of our children.
By ignoring indisputable facts, the media is betraying our children.”

Crosbie added that “Without a free press, Canadian democracy will fail.”

Mr. Crosbie is available for media interviews. Please contact [email protected]

The National Citizens Inquiry has scheduled 34 witnesses to testify at hearings in the Greater
Vancouver area of British Columbia. The witnesses include 14 who will testify as experts and 20 who
will testify how they have been harmed by governments’ response to COVID-19.

Expert witnesses testifying in Greater Vancouver include:

  • Matthew Evans Cockle – researcher
  • Dr. Richard Schabas – Former Ontario Public Health Officer
  • Alan Cassels – Public Administrator
  • William Warren Munroe – Prior Provincial Government Population Analyst for British
  • James Kitchen – Litigation lawyer
  • Jeff Sandes – Journalist
  • Gail Davidson – Extensive experience in international human rights law. Member of the Law
    Society of BC, retired status
  • Dr. Chris Shaw, PhD – neuroscientist
  • Dr Charles Hoffe – Family Physician
  • Edward Dowd – author of “Cause Unknown”: The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 &
  • Dr. Steve Pelech – professor in the Division of Neurology at UBC
  • Dr. Greg Passey – Psychiatrist with expertise in PTSD

The names of private citizens testifying will only be available during the hearings.

The Greater Vancouver hearings will be broadcast live on the NCI website and on the NCI social media channels

The Hearings will be held at the Coast Langley City Hotel, Cascades Casino Resort, 20393 Fraser
Highway, Langley, B.C. V3A 7N2 Ph. (604) 539-4435

Due to limited space in the hearing room, the public is asked to arrange for access through Eventbrite.

Members of the media are asked to provide identification to NCI volunteers on site to obtain access.
Prior notification of attendance to [email protected] will assist in assuring seating.
NCI spokesperson, Michelle Leduc Catlin, will be at the hearings and will be able to assist you.

Hearings will follow in:

  • Quebec City, QC, May 11 – 13
  • Ottawa, ON May 17 – 19

NCI is a Canada-wide citizen-led and citizen-funded initiative to investigate governments’ COVID-19
policies in a fair and impartial manner that is completely independent from government. Through
questioning led by lawyers, individual Canadians and experts will present evidence under oath to
Independent Commissioners.

Media inquiries concerning the National Citizens Inquiry should be directed to:
[email protected]