3-out-4 Canadians Report Experiencing Harm Due to Government COVID-19 Policies

The NCI recently polled Canadians (n = 1,533) and learned that 3-out-of-4 Canadians report having suffered harm as a result of our governments’ COVID-19 policies. You can review our research for yourself below.

Key Discoveries

  • The consequences of isolation was the greatest harm inflicted on Canadians by government C-19 policies (25%; e.g., being prohibited from attending funerals, visiting sick or loved ones, learning impacts on children and students of all ages, increased divorce and tension in the home)
  • Economic and health consequences were also reported as significant harms
  • Canadians also reported infringements of constitutional rights and freedoms as a major source of harm
  • Only 1-in-4 Canadians did not report having suffered harm as a result of government C-19 policies