Non-Expert Witness Application Form


All Canadians and foreign experts are eligible to apply to testify at the NCI Hearings. Please carefully read the information and guidelines below before applying.

Please note that as we are receiving hundreds of applications, we will only be contacting candidates selected to continue in the screening process. Be assured, however, that all credible personal stories submitted through the NON-EXPERT application portal will be published by the NCI. Personal stories published in this matter may not necessarily form part of the evidence considered by the NCI Commission.


Witness Application Form

“Non-Expert” witnesses are any individual who believes they have been harmed directly or indirectly by any of the COVID-19 measures. You may consult the NCI’s research here to learn more about the kinds of “personal harms” Canadians have already identified.

Examples include:

  • Disruption in the lives/education of children/students
  • Impaired mental health due to isolation
  • Business or job loss due to restrictions
  • Job loss due to vaccination mandates
  • Delayed or denied healthcare for non-COVID-19 matters
  • Adverse reaction(s) to COVID-19 vaccines
  • Reputational and/or professional discipline or censorship for expressing contrarian views
  • Restrictions of fundamental liberties, such as speech, association, or travel

More Information Regarding This Form:

Non-expert witness applications will be assessed on the basis of their credibility. The NCI will contact you if your application is selected to continue in the screening process. If selected, we will work with you to arrange your participation at the most appropriate Hearing location and time. Please consult the Guidelines below to learn more about preparing for your testimony.

Remember, that as a witness:

  • You will only be able to testify under oath;
  • You may be subject to cross-examination; and
  • Your testimony will be subject to strict time limits.

If you are not selected to testify, we may still publish your story on this website at a later date as part of a broader project to give a voice to as many Canadians as possible. We will strive to publish as many stories deemed credible as possible. If we choose to publish your story, we will contact you for your consent and also potentially to ask more questions.


Please consult these guidelines prior to applying as either an expert or non-expert witness. If selected to testify, we strongly recommend you familiarize yourself with these guidelines. They will assist you with delivering more impactful and succinct testimony.

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